Friday, May 9, 2014

The Journey Begins.


Two year ago yesterday.
 May 8, 2012.
It was a Monday.
The Friday before I had been talking to a friend. I "casually" mentioned I was pretty certain I was pregnant. I knew she would react with a happy freak out. =]  She asked if I had taken a test. I say, no. She volunteers to bring one over Monday morning. I agree.
Monday she shows up with kids, coffee, and a digital pregnancy test.
I take the test, head for the bathroom, and proceed to "administer" the test. Before I'm even done washing my hands my friend is banging on the bathroom door asking to come in. By the time I open the door and she walks in, the test already has the results......

This is the moment my life changes forever.
I was fairly positive I was pregnant before I had this test, but now I KNOW. I click a picture to text to hubby and immediately start to wonder....before I've even left the bathroom....if all the kids will fit in the car, where on earth will we put another bed and dresser, what names do I currently like. My life begins to plan around this little person.
At this point I'm probably close to 6 weeks pregnant.
I don't even know it yet, but I'll get 14 more weeks. That's it.

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