Monday, September 23, 2013

Every Day Life. Ready? Go.

Over the last year my blog has become a diary of sorts. A place for me to sort through whirling thoughts and empty my head of chaos. It has been detailed and deep. Today, I don't feel like thinking. I don't feel like being intense. I don't feel like being deep. So how about regular life instead?

Fall is here. The air has a crispness to it. Something about how the air cools down in the evening hours that makes me want to put on my jammies and have a hot cup of something. I've been switching out summer and winter clothes. I should get a prize for the amount of clothing I've sorted through this week.

School is going well. This year is VERY busy for me. I'm so glad we followed through on sending Jake to kindergarten and not doing it at home.  With the two older boys I am very involved in just about everything they work on.  Part of it is trying to teach better, part of it is making up for last year, part of it is just the curriculum I chose. So far I feel pretty good about the year. BUT, the beginning is usually just review of the previous year so we'll see what happens from here. Kylee is enjoying her school time. This year I got her an actual curriculum. We are using the Letter of the Week from  I'm thinking of doing a review on it once we are a little further in.

I've been on a pinterest recipe kick lately. Figure I should DO something with all those recipes I like to pin. It's been nice to have something different and it seems to make menu planning easier. I'm thinking about trying to do some huge batches of pasta sauce and enchilada sauce and freezing them.  I have recently been cooking an occasional extra meal or extra coffee cake and freezing those too.  Trying to stay ahead of all these hungry people is quite the job.

Right now... I've got a quick version of scalloped potatoes with ham bubbling in the oven. Socks are waiting in the washing machine to be put in the dryer.  Four hampers of clean clothes are looking at me. The baby cant seem to sleep for more than a few minutes today. My daughter's hair looks like she hung it out of a car window....oh, that's right, we never even brushed it today.  My lips are chapped and I need to go clothes shopping. Yup, that about sums it up.

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